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welcome to the art exchange: Art class with a glass 

What's coming up?

Welcome to The Art Exchange, where art classes are thoughtfully designed for enthusiasts, irrespective of experience level, providing an open and inviting space for learning new skills. Our classes are perfect for those seeking a relaxing activity or aiming to enhance their artistic proficiency. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced artist, we have classes tailored to your skill level, and we warmly welcome NDIS participants.


Guided by local award-winning painters, our classes promise a high-quality learning experience. Feel free to bring your favorite wine or snacks, and if you wish to elevate your creative journey, consider ordering delightful pastries and savory boxes from our partners at "My French Patisserie."

Let us take care of your next event! Whether it's a hen's party, baby shower, or corporate gathering, allow us to add a touch of sophistication to your celebration. We'll handle the catering and hosting, ensuring your event is memorable and infused with artistic flair. Join us at The Art Exchange, where creativity knows no bounds

order your French pastry box!

Enhance your creative journey with a touch of indulgence!  Elevate your experience with a French pastry box from our friends at "My French Pastries," renowned for the finest French pastries on the Gold Coast. Their delectable sweet and savory catering options are a symphony for your taste buds!

With exquisite flavors and multiple catering options to suit any group. From sweet treats to savory delights, there's something to for every palate. Order your box today for a fresh delivery right to your table, and let the culinary magic unfold!


September 14 paint your pet 

It's our favourite sip and paint - Paint Your Pet! We provide you with a sketch of your furry best friend based on a photo you send us (we will request images a few days before the event ) and then we teach you to create a pop-art pawtrait in just five easy steps.

supported Charities 

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"Every artist was first an amateur"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Art for team building

Creating with your team is a fantastic bonding experience. Not only does it build essential teamwork skills, it's a great way to bond socially! 

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